Certificate in Treating Survivors of Human Trafficking

Our Certification in Treating Survivors of Human Trafficking is approved by the Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools through The Colorado School for Family Therapy.

Human Trafficking has been a crime that has plagued our world for uncountable years. The lives of its victims are undoubtedly impacted in many negative ways, not just physically, but also psychologically. Human Trafficking survivors are in need of highly trained mental health professionals in order to help them move forward and create healthy lifestyles after such trauma.

Our school is now providing this course to train mental health professionals in research and Evidenced-Based approaches to treat this population. Training dates can be found on the course schedule TBD or by contacting Dr. Leslie at 720-253-4831. Courses run on the weekends from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.
Total cost: $600.00

Please reach out for more information! We can't wait to help you reach your potential.