Trauma and Abuse Treatment Psychotherapy Certificate Program

Our Certification in Trauma and Abuse Treatment Psychotherapy (TATP) is approved by the Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools through The Colorado School for Family Therapy.

Trauma-informed psychotherapy is based on an understanding of the vulnerabilities or triggers of trauma survivors. Traditional psychotherapy approaches often exacerbate or re-traumatize patients, particularly those with co-occurring disorders. Trauma-informed psychotherapy provides an understanding of the signs and symptoms, diagnostic criteria, appropriate assessment, and beneficial interventions that are supportive and lead to increased well-being of clients.

This program is systemically focused, bringing awareness to generational traumatic wounds and the relational issues created a result. In addition, during the course of this certification program, therapists will learn the self-care techniques needed to cope with secondary or vicarious trauma to avoid burn-out. Program objectives and outcomes include learning to create a therapeutic environment that fosters:

  1. Awareness of generational, systemic, and relational issues related to both trauma and addictions.
  2. An understanding of both endogenous and exogenous addictions (process addictions, addiction to thought
    patterns and the chemicals of emotion, substance abuse, and dependency).
  3. Psychoeducation to promote an understanding of the experience and affect regulation.
  4. Processing trauma-related memories and feelings.
  5. Safe exploration of trauma and the cognitive-behavioral-physiological results of stress.
  6. Discharging pent-up “fight-or-flight, freeze-or-faint” energy.
  7. Learning how to regulate strong emotions.
  8. Building or rebuilding the ability to trust other people.
  9. Professional and ethical adherence to Colorado State Mental Health Statues and requirements, particularly in the area of client record management.

Considering the comorbidity of trauma and addictions or trauma and most diagnosable mental illness, it is highly recommended that all psychotherapists have knowledge and experience using trauma-informed and somatic or body-centered techniques. This credential will improve your marketability in the field and help to ensure that you are providing the best practices to your clients.

Program Requirements:
  • Addiction Counseling Skills
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Total cost: $510.00


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