Certificate in Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a special therapeutic approach for working with children, adolescents, their families, and/or care providers. Through art, therapists can work with children who have not developed the cognitive or verbal skills that adults use to discuss feelings, emotions, and experiences in therapy. A safe and structured playroom environment is established where children are encouraged to play in ways that reveal concerns, problems, and issues they are struggling with.


Art therapy allows:

  • Children communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences through artistic expression.
  • Children recreate and resolve events (such as trauma, divorce, abuse, or death of a parent or family member) in art.
  • Children can rehearse and master life skills and other techniques through art.
  • Children work through various problems via art.
  • A window for adults, including parents, caregivers, and foster parents, into a child's world.

A qualified art therapist can guide children in ways that are therapeutic and healing. Parents, family members, or care providers are often included in the art. This allows the art therapist to observe and interpret the full range of systemic/relational dynamics that are important to the child or adolescent. The art therapist is then able to enter into the intra-psychic and systemic reality of the child resulting in appropriate suggestions/interventions.
The Certificate program also integrates music, play therapy, dance, movement, and other creative approaches. At the School, students will learn to do art therapy with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

Five classes are required for the certificate. Courses include:
• History of Art Therapy
• Multicultural Art Therapy
• Family Art Therapy
• Art Therapy and Play Therapy
• Art Therapy Trauma and Abuse

Most classes are available in independent study formats. Students may earn a certificate by home study or distance education. The total program cost is $3,500.00. See below for class course schedules for virtual learning opportunities.

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