Certificate in Jungian Psychotherapy

Do you want to expand your clinical knowledge?

The School’s Certificate in Jungian Psychotherapy program provides education in applying the Jungian ideas in the clinical practice of psychotherapy as legally defined in the Colorado Mental Health Statute: especially CRS 12-43-201(9) and CRS 12-43-202. The Certificate in JungianTherapy program requires successful completion of five (5) classes. The cost of the Certificate program is $3,000.00 (5 classes x $600.00). Courses are available in the classroom, intensive, and independent study formats. Classes may also be taken separately as “stand-alone” courses at the cost of $600.00 each.

Class Offerings:
Students must complete the following five classes offered to successfully
complete their Certificate.
1. Jungian Theory
2. Jungian Therapy
3. Jungian Theory and Play Therapy
4. Archetypes
5. Jungian Case Conference / Practicum

Classes are also available in a distance learning / independent study format.

Prerequisites: A minimum of an undergraduate degree or two years of practical experience is required to enter the School’s Certificate in Jungian Psychotherapy program.

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