Certificate in Treating Sex Offenders

We have two course offerings for education in the treatment of sex offenders:

Overview of Sex-Offense Treatment

This course provides an overview of the Sex Offender Standards and Guidelines. A review of sex-offense specific evaluations and the current model for effective treatment will be discussed, and case studies will be provided as part of an interactive class exercise. An overview of treatment modules and concepts will be discussed.

Working with People Who Have an Intellectual Disability and A Sex Offense
or Sex Offending Behavior

The course provides an overview of static and dynamic evaluations and how this relates to the Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model. Case studies will be utilized as an interactive class exercise and risk factors will be identified and a treatment plan will be developed on how to mitigate risk through various groups and psychoeducational classes. An overview of CBT and treatment concepts will be discussed and how to utilize these concepts with individuals who have deficits in communication, processing, learning, and memory.

*Once all classes in the program are completed, a Certificate in Treating Sex
Offenders will be granted. *

Total Program Cost: $700.00

About the instructor…

Jolene Martorano-Pagnotta has worked at the Wheat Ridge Regional Center
for 13 years. The center provides treatment for individuals who have an intellectual disability, mental illness, and a sex offense or sex offending behavior. She works with approximately 25 to 30 offenders on a daily basis and is responsible for the structure and the development of the treatment program. She has recently started her own counseling business and works with parolees and other offenders in the community. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, a CAC II, and is an SOMB treatment provider and evaluator.

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